During the customs clearance process, the Internal Revenue Service may request additional information for tax analysis. This documentation must be sent electronically through the Minhas Importações area. It is important to monitor the status of the object in the Post Office Tracking system.

Yes. International orders are subject to the Import Tax at a single rate of 60% on the customs value (goods value + freight + insurance) and the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), which has different rates, according to the destination status of the order. You access the My Imports area to payment and can dispute the amount. The deadline for taxes payment and postal services is up to 30 calendar days after the date of release of the order by the Internal Revenue Service;

Yes. Since 1/1/2020, the importer's CPF information is mandatory to carry out and receive any import in Brazil. In the Minhas Importações área, the importer can inform the CPF before the item arrives in Brazil. Upon arrival of the order, the customer has up to 10 days to inform the CPF to the Internal Revenue Service. Otherwise, the objects will be returned to the country of origin or destroyed, without the Postal Service being responsible for such return.

Marketplace: when purchasing online on the international website;
Designated Operator: the Post Office in the country of origin where the product was purchased;
Correios System: Correios do Brasil will request the CPF during the tracking of the object. The CPF must be informed in the My Imports area.
It is the customer's responsibility to provide the CPF at any of these three moments in the import process: upon purchase, shipment or upon arrival of the object.

Service 1 - Tax to be collected by the company contracting the Correios Packet service: It is possible to carry out the provision and payment of taxes at the origin and speed up the processing of customs clearance and delivery of the order within the postal flow.

Service 2 - Tax to be collected by the recipient/importer: It is possible to pay the taxes for each package once the order arrives in Brazil and has the status "Awaiting Payment" in the Minhas Importações area,, according to the traditional model of import.

Agility in customs clearance and last-mile delivery processes, reducing the total delivery time in Brazil.

Yes. The customs inspection process is now mostly carried out electronically, through the analysis of information registered in the Federal Revenue system.

During the customs clearance process, the Internal Revenue Service or the consenting agencies may request additional information for tax analysis. Complementary documentation must be sent electronically, by uploading the files in Minhas Importações area. However, there are exceptions such as prescriptions, for example, which, in principle, will continue to be sent physically.

If you disagree with the value posted by the Federal Revenue as Import Tax, the recipient may request a review of taxes in the Minhas Importações area before issuing the bank bill or payment with a credit card. It will be necessary to upload supporting documents regarding the amount paid for the order.

The tax review request will be available in the Minhas Importações area until the payment deadline of taxes and postal services, that is, up to 30 calendar days after the date of release of the order by the Internal Revenue Service. The Tax Review request must be made BEFORE issuing the bill or credit card payment.

To identify and solve pending issues, it is essential to monitor the status of your international order in the Minhas Importações, as well as in the Tracking system.

For these cases, the recipient will be able to use the functionality “Refusal of the Postal Object” in  Minhas Importacoes. Once rejected, the order will be returned to the sender.

Yes. In order to have access to the functions of the New Import Model, it is essential that you register. The registration is carried out only once and, through it, it will be possible to access the Minhas Importações, a secure environment that provides the user with several features, including the history of the last 6 (six) months of their international orders.

No. Registration is unique. Once done, the recipient will access Minhas importacoes, using username and password.

No. For security and confidentiality reasons, the entire customs clearance process is carried out in the Minhas Importações, using a username and password.

If you have already paid taxes and postal services and the delivery period has ended without the due receipt of your order, register your statement on “Contact us”.


Correios APP

The Correios app is available for free on Google Play and App store. Through it, the user registers at idCorreios, receives notifications, tracks orders by CPF and views the history.